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Healthcare IT

Healthcare EHR vendors like Cerner and EPIC have provided a framework for how your clinical staff provide care everyday. The system is only as good as the people who design it. Technology does what we tell it to do, therefore, if the technology does not function as you desire, it is not the system. You must change the human intelligence you allow to design for your patient populations. I can guarantee that the health of your EHR is directly related to the health of your patients. We can devote a team provide solutions to the misdiagnosed issues you have been trying to solve with the incorrect tools. 

Real Estate IT

Real Estate brokers and agents spend hours researching and planning for the next big sell. As technology progresses, which industries get the most talented developers? Gaming and Sports have the most dedicated users who provide feedback to the developers. And they listen. We can make the same case for your applications. We listen to the needs of our clients and provide on demand updates based on your feedback. Find out how your organization can benefit from our custom solutions so that you reach your financial goals.

Higher Education IT

When COVID-19 sends millions of students home to work online, who will provide the high volumes of technical support calls from these households? We offer a 24/7 technical support solution so that your students can focus on learning and not the technical issues that will be faced when millions logon to attend school this year. Let us help your students with our 24/7 technical help desk managed by Solution Architects with classroom experience and instructional design.


The music industry will benefit most from the scientific methodology because of the artful nature found in most decision making within this industry. We pair logic and art so make you next project one that tops the charts!


We offer government agencies the human intelligence from large corporate and non-profit issue resolution. Our unique approach to issue identification and tactical execution without standard government delays can move you project from "risk" to "success".

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